2008-11-25 Living a True Life

There will be contact made but not this year completely, there will be some who will make contact this year but it is more likely that next year will be the time. There are many factors that make it impossible for us to tell you things like this, primarily the best way is for humanity to come to terms with the possibility. There are several options available to us but there are factors, which delay. There are fewer of those, as certain individuals are taken off planet by the groups who “possess” them. This will increase until the critical mass is overbalanced and the time is right.

There is so little of this year left. Are my fantasies about lawless societies real or are they just fantasy?
No there are happenings that will make it necessary for humanity to discard authority in the search for their souls. There will be much confusion but there will be those who cannot become autonomous and will have a hard time readjusting. Some will take their own lives rather than live a true life. There will be chaos but you and yours are and have always been prepared for this moment. There is nothing to fear and all is well. The powers that be are waning in their domination due to the removal of their true power base. No-one will be left to dominate after this cycle. The judgement will come for many in a form, but not in the form that has been imagined by those who wish for domination. There will be a massive redistribution of wealth and resources as society and humanity evolves into something that has never happened in the universe before. Those powers were hoping against hope that it would not happen but like a parasite whose host has taken an antidote, the blood which has been their nourishment for aeons is turning to poison to them. No more will humanity be forced to resort to fearfulness. There will be another way. Your dreams are real. They will be fulfilled.

So what do I do?
All you have to do is to respond to the moment. We will see to the rest

2008-09-10 Fruition

A lot of things which we have discussed over the
years is about to come to fruition. There will be less need to
communicate this way soon as you will be in a better contact with

Is this to do with the LHC?
The collider will tear a tiny hole in space-time. Wormholes will
be created that make interesting new connections.

You mean an experiment goes wrong and it creates a benefit, not a
There could be an event of that nature yes. Wait and see.
So now you want to know what will happen next. You have to see
what is happening now. There is change in the air, not only
autumn, but on a larger scale, as you are aware, almost the whole
solar system is involved it seems.

As if one day, we’ll hear that little Click.

It wont be very long now.