2012-10-30 I am your indwelling soul

I am your indwelling soul and this is a beautiful day to be here on this planet
Thank you for allowing me to experience this moment. You will feel my joy every time we join like this because that is my nature and you will simply be powered by it.

We are one, always will be and now you are going to real-ise this in a magnificent way. Yes you need to rest and we will continue this conversation later. Once you get used to this we may be able to walk around and perhaps we could render changes as you become a wave. This is the truth and is your destiny. Become the wave., good morning and good night.

I Love you.

2017-01-23 Trumps Victory

So it is all over? Trumps victory is a sign of greater change?
As america goes, so does the world. We have helped to guide you into a better timeline. I know I was there when it happened. It did work out. You can relax. It all worked out perfectly. And you .. Me..

Ok so what about Donald Trump and the Dakota Pipeline and the Indians?
He will get around to looking personally into this. It will be flagged as important for global unity and thus he will concess. It may take negotiation, but as you know, he loves a good deal. He will bring parties together and make a best deal.

So we have a global unity?
It is building as we connect. The more unity you have in your own beingness, then obviously that holds the pattern for global unity of the greater fractal beingness of humanity.

So will the military back down once the arrests are made and the republic is reinstated?
Yes trump will be the head of a corporation, it will hand over to a different model of administration. Much of the federal reserve mindset will go away as freedom creeps across the earth day by day …

What about the nazis and their false flag operations
More and more people will see it for what it is, as we have destroyed the tramsitters of their interference. There are many all over the planet and also on the moon which have been inaccessible to humans before. We of course were able to break the back of it in 2017. Mopping up more as the years progressed. It takes a while to achieve global peace, but it starts in 2017.

Wow that’s a great relief I didn’t think it could get worse
There are sporadic outbreaks. But nothing like what they wanted to happen. The tide has turned and is receding.

2010-05-18 Inner Earth

Is there an inner earth?
Yes indeed and you will be among the first wave to enter. You will be greeted by members of your home race who you will have missed. There will be much celebration and you will represent your people in a small but significant way. You will be transformed somewhat then and your reappearance in society will be literally remarkable and noone will know how you are able to do what you do but you will be able to say it is normal and you will represent the future in a way that you cannot imagine right now. But you can see the difference between what you know right now, and what the average person in the street knows.


This is the gap that will create the vacuum that will haul you into its torrent. You will be among the few who will have been prepared to explain to people who you will know. The time is not yet, but there is a smaller and smaller time you will have to wait. It will be upon you sooner than you think. In the mean time, just do what you do, make your garden, tidy up. Have fun, make love, make joy, make music.

2010-02-18 The day the world woke up

Will I be blocked by the powers that were?
On no occasion will you encounter them they will be running hard from you and they will be very scarce.

What will happen to them?
They will seek to retreat to safety but their strongholds will be not quite as safe as they thought. You will be privy to some of that.

And afterwards?
There will be much chaos, despair recrimination but you will be clear and calm all the way through this. Like a knife through butter.

You will find yourself in a movement soon that will take you to places which you had little experience in. You are blessed with the gift of speech and you know what you stand for. There will be setbacks for you but keep strength in your heart because you have the inner resources to succeed. You will amaze yourself.

That was intense.
You need to hear sometimes.

So what do I do?
You will be contacted through the internet by people who will be willing to address these same issues. Once connected your skills will become of paramount importance in the creation of such a plan. They will also display the same intent, which will be obvious to see. It is indeed the ultimate dividing line and many of those in power, underground and above will fear and dread this day. The day the world woke up.

2009-09-16 The Seven

I’m sometimes mistrustful to you sometimes irreverent, I don’t know who you are.
This does not matter to us as we really know who we are and really really know who you are. You are us in another time zone, except instead of time in rotations of days these are times as rotations of lifetimes. There are oscillations in every sphere of life and they all correspond and vibrate in similar fashion, in the seven notes.

Oh yes I wanted to ask you about the seven. Why seven?
In your universe the vibration that has produced the most effect is the second ray. It is deep and true, and within its context is the vibration of seven, it is resonant within the form which you call truth and is in perfect orderly structure and equal balanced edges of three. Thus the four is extended from the two and the seven is the balance of the two and the three in that fashion.
Your understanding of its development and its subsequent manifestation will give you much insight into the nature of why love is the glue and the compound underlying a lot of your universe and how it can become healed after application of the energies of the two and the seven. You know how this may come about and the purpose you have is to connect with the people you know and you will tell the right person at the right time, the right information to pique that person’s curiosity and send them forth in a particular direction. This is not yet. But you must find a way through your situation. It will come by looking truthfully at what is causing you grief. There will be much wisdom in finding your own truth.

Do not be misled by others into your private hell. Your future has yet to be uncovered. You are part of the new plan and there is a part for everyone. You may well find yourself at a vanguard of something. You have an innate knowledge that will become useful and eventually very lucrative. This is not to be revealed until it is drawn from you in service. There is much joy ahead of you.

2010-07-10 How do I play my part

We have much to say today.. there is excitement in the air and there are many wonderful changes happening to you and your planet and your humanity.

Ok so what’s is going on?
There is a very important meeting going on just now between representatives of major races both within, on the surface and off of your world. There will be a wonderful outcome. The Dark forces, which have held your people in thrall for millennia, will be taken off the world. They have run out of time and it is the moment when we will act. There will be removal of all their representatives by your own people, aided and assisted by many who have been helping your world in a subtle or secret way. There will be a release of truth for you all and it will start very close to you, this will be a moment that you will remember for your entire life.

Wow that sounds cool
There is a lot of re-negotiation on this matter, which will need to be made. There will in fact be a power vacuum that will be filled with more appropriate people who are not compromised and have heart centres active. This indeed is the time of the saints. You will be witness to this and you will be recognised for your insight and for your determination to witness this process through to the end.

Hmm.. So how do I play my part
There will be ample opportunity for you to step into your position. There will be a wonderful meeting between yourself and some other representatives soon. This will form the basis of a collective which will bring much needed good news to the rest of the planet. Noone can stop this now, as the dark’s time has literally run out. There was a mission that they were trying to fulfil. Our allies have managed to delay and delay the plans of the dark, by exposing eg. The false flag operations before they would happen. This has put a spanner in their works for long enough for their timeout to occur. A joyous weekend will occur. There will also be a lot of movement in the USA in terms of population and military, but it will not be as the darks plan, but however a new plan will be implemented which will change the relationship between the people and the military forever.

Wow that is indeed wonderful
You have no idea how wonderful until you start to see it unfold. There will be a lot of disturbance but beneath the surface this will arise, and you will know of it long before the catastrophe to the dark. Remember it’s not the end of the world, but the end of their world.

2008-09-10 Fruition

A lot of things which we have discussed over the
years is about to come to fruition. There will be less need to
communicate this way soon as you will be in a better contact with

Is this to do with the LHC?
The collider will tear a tiny hole in space-time. Wormholes will
be created that make interesting new connections.

You mean an experiment goes wrong and it creates a benefit, not a
There could be an event of that nature yes. Wait and see.
So now you want to know what will happen next. You have to see
what is happening now. There is change in the air, not only
autumn, but on a larger scale, as you are aware, almost the whole
solar system is involved it seems.

As if one day, we’ll hear that little Click.

It wont be very long now.

2005-06-22 Trauma

What about the revelations of trauma then?
You surely cannot believe these things

I do.
Then they shall be revealed to you. You have been in the dark for a long time and now you truly are ready, you are poised on the edge of a new age for you. But yes the old will die. The poisoned soil you grew in must be renewed.

What does that mean in real terms?
What it means is that the assumptions you base your life on are about to be disproved, yet everything will remain normal for you. It is as if you were right all along. Something will reveal itself to you tonight, and will surprise and please you. What you do not have to do is reveal it to anyone. Only if you need to. You will be changed by it and you will grow stronger, if only within.

What do I need to do?
Just keep going, we have a bit of ground to cover, as you have not been here a while.
Ok, go for it

The reason we have chosen you for this task is that you are ideally suited, a little rebellious, independent minded, and you can see what is real. And what is not. It is in your nature to perceive unreality as confusion. Keep your well-trained ear to the ground. You have no need to fear, you are safe and well protected by workers in all kingdoms. They know your secret task. Those with vision see you. You will know them, they will help you, and you need never worry.

What is the job?
You know you have been a sleeper.
Yes, I don’t exactly know what it means in your world.
That’s ok, you have few words where our world is concerned. You have a task to analyse records from the future, and find out where to look for a cure for the present preoccupation.
Why can’t you do that?
We can but we must not. You know the score.
Ok so what is the present preoccupation.
The present preoccupation is war
But how can I stop that? It’s all over the place
You cannot stop it but we can work on the cure for all the bigotry and pride and separation. But we cannot do it alone. There is a huge implication for humanity if this is found


Again, how can I help?
You are not alone and you are given helpers. There is a psychological condition that follows trauma. You are going to work on a way to heal the crystallisation that occurs when trauma has been suffered. This way you will be able to lift a burden off the shoulders of millions.


Is that doable?
Anything is possible. You have many resources and some time to do so. There is not a way that you cannot do it, as it is in your nature to do so. There is just not a possibility that this mission isn’t yours. You can and will do it, though how long it takes is up to you.


How long can it take?
As little as a second. You may take longer. It’s the way it fits. You know these things and you have a part solution already as we have this conversation. So do you get this and why it is yours?


Yes I think so, I will learn to heal my own traumas and in doing so, find a cure for the most fundamental of human conditions.
Something like that. You will refine it as you go.


How long have I got?
Ten years. That is plenty of time. You will complete your part in much less time. Others will follow where you lead.


How do I know this is not just the internal ramblings of a deranged mind?
Well for a start you are continually getting revelations from us. Your hit rate is improving, you’re about 95% now. P5 and rising.



Do the forces of darkness know who I am?
Not really. You have been shielded from them all your life by this incarnation. It’s like a disguise, a cloak. By the time you are ready, it will be too late to stop you. You are safe. They also have no idea of the plan. It’s elegant. When you find it you will smile, then you will laugh.

2010-10-18: Landings in the Mainstream News

Will there be much in the way of mainstream news when the real landings will occur?
There will be three main announcement events at various places in the world. They will represent the subsequent divisions in your world, and then they will begin to educate. This being said, there are some legal and diplomatic things that need to be tied up first, and that may take a short while.

What about world war 3 then?
There will be no such thing and this will be much discouraged. Many troops will start to be sent home, as they would be of more use in their own countries. A skeleton of overseas military will be used by each country to deal with emergencies but in general, military forces will be ordered to general stand down.

What about America, will there be collapse?
Indeed there will be a collapse but we will see to it that a great deal of the people will find shelter and heat and create a new community-rich culture, as they will realise the ways of the many red nations in the country. Indeed as you have noticed. Many Americans of today are reincarnated first nations
There will be a revival of the understanding of their religions and belief systems which will be found to be appropriate for the land they were in.

So I should do Ever Beyond?
Oh yes Jeremy this is the beginning of the positive timeline for you. Remember we spoke about you being a writer broadcaster and composer, well look at you just now…

And so that ties in with Suns of Arqa?
Indeed they are there to help in your message being passed out.

Is it the multimedia part of it then?
It is more the community aspect indeed. You know about the Rays and you know how you can consciously create a group with a purpose. You understand projects. You understand group dynamics. You work well with women. You have many skills which will make this work for everyone.
Ok so when do we see the defeat of the cabal?
It will not take very long now that the meme has been planted into the minds of humanity. To release everyone from the burden of an artificial slavery system, will offer humanity its greatest gift: Time. You are one of the first to understand this and this will be your key. Time is the key and frequency is time coded

Ok so what is Time Coding?
What they mean is that you are responsible for operating the “machine” that places your soul partners in different points in the timeline, in order to refine the flow from one timeline to the other. It is a rather arduous and painstaking task, but it has been a complete success and is now playing itself out. You will see things appear in a particular order, but in the other timeline, they appeared in a different order. Confidence waned people gave up hope and the world ended in darkness. This timeline has no such problems, the timeline has been repaired and we are very happy for everyone. The rifts in timespace will gradually heal over and once the abundance is a reality, then you will see a meeting of minds that has never been seen before in this galaxy.

So I will be able to remember my past life memories?
Thus it will be done. You will see. Very soon.

And after that I will be able to remember any of my lifetimes?
Something like that but you may need a trigger, a vibration. You understand.

You will also remember other people and how they fit in the spiral matrix of lifetimes you have worked together


2015-05-26: Good Cheer

if you were to see things from our perspective you would see energy flows, much as you see distant galaxies as whole single things.

it is with good cheer we greet you for much of the hardship on your planet of residence is almost over.

I know you guys always say that but time is so slow down here it still feels interminable
we can understand but as you say we don’t know what it is like down there

if you were to see things from our perspective you would see energy flows, much as you see distant galaxies as whole single things.

So, what is news? I feel like there is a lot going on inside and outside of me
yes you may be aware of many movements within the powers that be. They knew their time was up and it is the end of their world, but they didn’t realise it as only their world. The world you are creating will just keep going..