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Total File Size=166.818007MB.
Download27Mb2013-12-23 JWJP with Jac Core-Dump-Implanted-Crystals    
Download32Mb2013-11-02 DaD Dale-Benadum with Jac-Crystals Mike-McCraken-gets-a-special-healing    
Download23Mb2013-09-17 TSoMS SB Dale Tracey Jac Tobias Head-Bands-and-Healing-Rod Information    
Download42Mb2013-01-18 APT SB Guests Jac and Tobias Topic Organite and Crystals    
Download30Mb2012-07-15 EB CrystalPersuasion Jac-Trem    
Download14Mb2012-06-26 JWJP Jac523