Healing and Diagnostics

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In addition to the radio work over the years I have developed and adapted several healing modalities, including techniques learned from working with Katie Gallanti, Rebecca Jernigan, Sharry Edwards, Frank Jordan, Tony Minervino as well as my own research into Traditional Teachings, Scientific research, the Living Buddha, and my own inner enquiry and healing journey.

I believe “disease” is a conversation between parts (Fragments) of oneself that have been forgotten (Denied), and are trying to make themselves heard, but often can only make themselves Felt. This redefines healing to be a matter of connecting the conscious mind with the subconscious fragment which is trying to communicate. Using the whole body-mind-emotional system of the client, can swiftly and permanently re-connect this fragment with your now more-whole continuous consciousness.

16-10-07_1544Physical Diagnostics involve using a Remote Viewing (RV)-type process to access the energetic body of the client over the Earth Grid system. The Physical body follows the energy of the Etheric body in constructing itself, and disease shows up as lack of healing or lesions in the physical, in places where there are deficiencies in the Etheric body. This is usually due to Trauma or Toxins, which can be identified and re-integrated during the session. $50 (£32)

Astral De-tox :
similarly the Emotional/Astral body can become depleted and diseased, and these are often due to attachments or deceptions. These can be identified and cleared during a short session.$50 (£32)

Full Spectrum De-tox. Mental, Astral, Etheric Cleansing. 3 bodies, Seven Chakras each, plus other vulnerable zones. Cords removed, Entities recycled.  $100 (£64)  

Emotional De-Frag: We are affected daily by ‘Triggers’; words or events, causing us to experience old uncomfortable feelings, signifying a traumatised fragment. As referred to above, this is the process of re-integrating fragments that have “split-off” due to trauma, usually in the infancy or childhood period. Using a simple breath and a conscious creative feeling process, re-integration can happen very swiftly. May require more than one session to get started. $50 (£32)

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