2017-10-08 Ever Beyond – Robbert van den Broeke

Robbert van den Broeke, medium

Robbert van den Broeke was born on May 7, 1980 in Breda, Holland and grew up in a small West-Brabant village with an older and a younger sister.

At a very young age he found he had psychic ability and ‘saw’ things which his parents were unable to comprehend.
Because of this lack of understanding about what he could see and feel his growing up was difficult and he developed traumas, phobias and insecurities plus anxiety syndromes.
It was not until he was 13 years old that his gifts and talents were recognized and under the excellent professional guidance of psychologist Rens Hendriks he was able to develop consciously in paranormal and spiritual areas.
It was in February 1996 that Robbert first found he was able to predict exactly where crop circles would appear. Once with his naked eye (and later also in company with others) he saw a crop circle as it was actually forming.

These experiences brought him unique understanding and inspirations but sometimes the events were so extreme that, to avoid misunderstandings, his parents kept it all to themselves.
During this time Robbert’s perceptions and senses were becoming more acute and heightened and he found he was able to give information and statements to others about things he could not normally have known about.
He also began seeing energetic phenomena such as glowing spheres and streaks of light in and above crop circles.

It was then that the American BLT-team which includes Nancy Talbott began working with biophysicist W. C. Levengood in researching the authenticity of crop circles found by Robbert.
Around that time Nancy Talbott regularly spent several weeks with Robbert with both sharing spiritual experiences and making efforts to record and document them. Together they both twice witnessed crop circles forming.

In those early days the teenage Robbert found himself in the news and he was twice a guest on ‘Catharine’ a TV program aired by RTL4.

In 2005 a book was published entitled ‘Robbert: from problem child to medium’.
Meanwhile Robbert was manifesting unusual psychic and spiritual gifts by recording on cameras – often belonging to witnesses – images and projections from the energetic world which often included photos of human faces (some of people that are known to be deceased, others of people that are not recognized). These events seem to be preceded by a special ‘feeling’ informing Robbert that a picture formation might be imminent.
The photographs also have included energetic images of animals, light beings and extra-terrestrial objects (UFOs)
It was on May 4, 2005 that Robbert observed and photographed a higher dimensional being and decided to emerge from his rather reclusive lifestyle and come out into the open with this recording.
From that moment on, his life accelerated, with the media showing intense interest and Robbert was thrust into the limelight and national recognition.

The Dutch TV station KRO dedicated an episode of ‘Miracles Exist’ to Robbert and also the local TV station Omroep Brabant made a wonderful documentary about his extraordinary life.
After that he became a regular guest on the TV show Life and Cooking with Irene Moors.
The result was an avalanche of responses from people impressed by Robbert’s spiritual achievements. This led to a series of shows by RTL called ‘There is So Much More’ which seemed to generate a thirst from many to understand the world which by now was so familiar to Robbert.

Despite his still tender years Robbert has proved to be a beacon of hope for spiritual seekers.
He defies libel and slander and dares to expose his vulnerability to share in a modest way, some of his meaningful experiences with others.

170820 – David Curtis – On the night before the Dawn


So, here I am at a loss what to tell you about a 50 year journey on planet Earth. Now, there is no spirituality left, nothing but awareness of the tragedy of the human condition. Great loss over the past where all self-enquiry failed to enlighten me, the range of ‘experience’ immense, ecstasy and terror in abundance. You might think this is fatalistic, perhaps so, but I am no cynic, only one who lives the truth as I find it and duly reports back to you, my friends, the ‘lover’s of truth.’ With insight I have probed the depths of the psyche, the void where visions arise and myth is born, those symbolic codes, oh so promising, inevitably deceive.

On the shores of the unconsciouus, in a wasteland where meaning has no more life, tell me, O reader, your thought on the matter of love? At what cost is our universal and human tragedy weighed in the balance, polarized between loss and gain, fortune and misery? Those ruins of a lifetime are they merely, now, forgotten memories, turned to dust, or annals of self-knowledge reminding us to tred carefully across the threshold into that Dark Night of the Soul? Whose light will you, then, trust as guide through the shadows playing across the mind their illusory flights of fancy? Clearly you have touched something of this agony and ecstasy in your life, and you may still hold onto hope, the promise of ‘paradise regained,’ and in what wisdom you may have gleaned, at whatever age you happen to be, my friends, do take care and continue always to be true to yourself no matter what life throws at you.


Join me, a fellow traveller in doubt, under the shade of the tree of life for a moment’s pause, and let us share and learn about our life-stories with dignity and integrity of spirit once more…’Once uon a time’…

170730 – R Scott Lemriel – The Trauma DNA strand

Join Scott and i today speaking about the most ancient of times. Beyond Earth, all the way back millions of years ago, when humankind was still escaping from the terrors of the traumatic Draco invasion of Lyra. Experiments and DNA development led to a potential cure for the ‘human condition’ – what we call today PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).


Robert’s work is all about what is taking place off-world and behind the scenes here to bring about an unexpected uplifting worldwide transformation for human beings on Earth for the first time in galactic history.

Robert and I will discuss the implications of the results of that experiment and what was done to reverse its effect.


check out robert’s website : paralleltime.com/


170514 – Ever Beyond – Thomas Daffern


Dr Daffern is a well-known historian, philosopher and educator, who is Director of the International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy, and one of the world’s leading experts in the religious and spiritual dimensions of peacemaking, conflict resolution and mediation. He has a PhD from the University of London on the history of the post war world from 1945-2001 and the search for peace during the cold war. He argued that we ned to develop a new genre of history called transpersonal history, to be able to understand the conflicts taking place at present between different religious groups in different parts of the planet.

He is Chairman at Truth and Reconciliation Commission for the Middle East (TRCME) and has spent some time trying to resolve the complex issue of conflicts between different Middle Eastern peoples, religions and nation states. He is currently writing a book about the history of 9/11, which will the first time a thorough academic history of the events of that fatal day have been subject to rigorous academic scrutiny. There are many claims, counter claims, theories and partial explanations for what happened on 9/11, but as yet no professional historian has tackled the subject in depth. Using his forensic skills as an historian as well as his unintuitive transpersonal skills based on his many years of the study and practice of depth psychology, he is tackling this important topic form a multi-dimensional perspective, drawing on the whole range of historical approaches available to us in the 21st century.

As well as academic and scientific history, he has studied transpersonal psychology, parapsychology, religious studies and comparative global philosophy, and is an expert in the cross cultural scientific study of different religious and theological paradigms.

Whoever was responsible for 9/11 committed the worst crime ever to take place on American soil but how is it possible that no one has ever been charged with these crimes? As Prof David Ray Griffin’s books make clear, there are so many anomalies with the official USA government narrative that it was Osama Bin Laden and 19 Al Qaeda operatives alone who were responsible, that it is obvious other forces were at work. But who and why ? (China, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan?) Forces internal to the USA government and USA intelligence agencies or forces from external nations and foreign intelligence agencies? Or could it even be, as some have speculated, that the conspiracies go all the way up to some kind of malevolent alien intelligences who deliberately engineered 9/11 as part of a plot to weaken mankind’s capacity to resist colonisation by forces inimical to human well-being ? Would such forces equate to the demonic intelligences of Islamic, Jewish and Christian tradition, and with the fallen angels of the Enochian traditions, and if so, what on earth can we do about them ? How can we get rid of them from this planet and stop them interfering in our affairs ?

On the other hand, the story of alien intelligence involvement in 9/11might imply be a smokescreen deliberately created by real world intelligence agencies to throw people off the scent of the real culprits, who might in fact be all too human. All these possibilities are being examined by Dr Daffern in the most thorough going academic analysis undertaken to date of these tragic events.

Dr Daffern is also the author of the INTERFAITH PEACE TREATY which is the first time in the history of the world that spiritual and religious people have been asked to subscribe to an interfaith peace treaty, declaring they will not attack each other violently, but sublimate their theological or spiritual differences to the level of debate and discussion. Listeners to the programme are invited to sign the treaty document after listening to Dr Daffern’s interview if they agree with his position.

He is a Canadian /British dual citizen, who has lived in Canada, England, Wales, Scotland, and France and is also Founder and Chairperson at the TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION FOR BRITAIN AND IRELAND (TRCBI). He is concerned that whoever or whatever the forces were behind 9/11, they are also probably behind the propaganda campaign to enforce Brexit on the people of the UK, and thus ensure that Scotland votes for complete independence from the UK in order to remain in the EU. He advocates the UK remaining together, and that it should eventually be allowed to remain inside a reformed EU. If our country breaks up, and spends years in bickering with Europe and with Scotland, he argues, how on earth will we ever be allowed to find out what happened on 9/11 ? We will lose all our international influence around the world and be forced to downgrade our self-understanding big time. Northern Ireland will almost certainly follow Scotland and leave the UK, and thus the UK will effectively be reduced to England and Wales.IS it possible that the same forces that engineered 9/11 are literally engineering this Brexit and BREAKUK scenario ? Have UK intelligence forces been literally interpenetrated by alien malevolent forces intent on self-destroying the UK for good ? If so, what can be done about them ?

Dr Daffern is slow to jump to conclusions, and is not at the stage of making definite conclusions, but he is formulating hypotheses and examining evidence, and trying to comprehend the extraordinary thrust of historical events that have unfolded ever since 9/11 (War on Afghanistan, war on Iraq, civil war in Syria, civil war in Libya, before that the break-up of Yugoslavia, the break up the USSR) and now we are faced with the possible break-up of the UK. IS it possible to see wider forces and agencies at work here than we are led to believe by conventional academic historians who consider events in separation and isolation from each other, along the specific timelines of national or regional histories? Dr Daffern applies the focused lens of transpersonal historical analysis to examine recent events which have unfolded since 911. His primary concern is to use historical and philosophical tools to prevent wars, conflicts and terrorist violence – above all, to prevent world war three from happening. His intellectual methodology could be summed up as meta-phenomenology, and he commends Aristotle’s dictum: “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it”

You can read about Dr Daffern’s 35 books here: www.lulu.com/iipsgp

His main website is here: www.educationaid.net

The Interfaith Peace treaty is here: https://interfaithpeacetreaty.wordpress.com/

His main facebook pages are: https://www.facebook.com/Thomas.Clough.Daffern and https://www.facebook.com/International-Institute-of-Peace-Studies-and-Global-Philosophy-220239992834/?pnref=lhc

170507 – Ever Beyond – Starfire Tor – The Time Shift Effect


Starfire Tor is a respected scientist, scholar, visionary, futurist, and experiencer who discovered The Core Matrix, Time Shifts, The Time Shift Effect, Co-Existing Time Lines, Time Line Edits, and The Unified Field Theory of Psi. Due to her pioneering discoveries, and years of dedicated research and public outreach, Starfire Tor is recognized as a leading authority in the paranormal, psychic phenomena, precognition, the dreaming brain, out-of-body episodes, near death experiences, reincarnation, earth mysteries, UFOs, ETs, otherworldly beings, time travel, and time anomalies including time slips, reality shifts, alternate realities, and dual time line memory conflicts.

Starfire Tor’s, many pioneering discoveries, have enabled her to identify and understand the true – yet heretofore – secret nature of reality. Not only, does this unveiled truth include the many changing time lines that we simultaneously co-inhabit, but in relationship to this information, Starfire Tor has also discovered the root science behind everything psychic and paranormal. This unprecedented collection, of hidden knowledge, has given Starfire Tor a unique and invaluable insight into how these secret workings impact the planet, as well as the many levels of the human experience. Starfire Tor, did not just uncover the greatest and most deceptive secrets in the world, she also discovered a means of utilizing this knowledge to benefit the world. To this end, Starfire Tor has created the powerful and effective protocols of Reality Shift Manifestation, Reality Shift Healing, The Astral Tagging Truth Reveal, and The Vortex Peace Prayer.

Starfire Tor is well known, for her documented and accurate precognitive and psychic abilities, with which she can psi-see past, current, and future events. Whenever possible, she uses her specialized psi skills to help those in need. Starfire Tor has also created The Whale And Dolphin People Project, her well researched and forward thinking plan to save the lives of all cetaceans by rightfully changing their status from animal to non-human person.

Starfire Tor has been featured in various television shows, radio broadcasts, internet podcasts, books, magazine articles, and other published works. This includes appearances on The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, Dreamland with Whitley Strieber, Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell, Coast To Coast AM with George Noory, Life Magazine, Quest Magazine. and more. She has also been a principal speaker at select conferences, and has an established presence on social media. Her scientific discoveries have inspired many in the entertainment industry, and because of this, her knowledge and coined phrases have made their way into many television shows and motion pictures. Starfire Tor, herself, is an accomplished and avid writer, producer, composer, lyricist, and singer. She enjoys integrating, her scientific knowledge with her creative gifts, so that both her science and science fiction and fantasy projects can benefit from her many talents.

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