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Download26Mb2017-03-20 JWJP TJ Innergee Sound healing
Download26Mb2017-03-13 JWJP Ultimate Show Gwyneth McNeil Boudica Victory
Download26Mb2017-03-06 JWJP Lisana Sonic Midwife
Download28Mb2017-02-20 JWJP StrangeUniverse Continues
Download24Mb2017-02-13 JWJP Daryl Russ Carl Eric
Download27Mb2017-01-30 JWJP Russell Blattberg Ophiucus
Download26Mb2017-01-23 JWJP Daryl Debriel
Download28Mb2017-01-16 JWJP Blue Monday EcoTort Nick StClare
Download26Mb2017-01-09 JWJP MrRho Mona Thomas
Download26Mb2017-01-02 JWJP Ray Cheyenne
Download23Mb2016-12-26 JWJP SDM Fulford Buzmach
Download26Mb2016-12-19 JWJP Wave Hello
Download26Mb2016-12-12 JWJP Dr James McCanney The Electric Solar System
Download26Mb2016-12-06 JWJP No More Pizza TJ Wendy
Download27Mb2016-11-28 JWJP SDM Ryan Bozsan
Download25Mb2016-11-15 JWJP Georgia Cammann
Download27Mb2016-10-31 JWJP Willow Patrick Neall
Download28Mb2016-10-24 JWJP Mr FearPorn Dr Discernment
Download21Mb2016-10-17 JWJP CoveringForEveryone
Download26Mb2016-10-11 JWJP William B Stillings Chrononaut
Download27Mb2016-09-27 JWJP Open Thomas RakMeister Shari
Download26Mb2016-09-12 JWJP Ray Readings 1-2-7 2-7-3 2-7-2 2-7-4 2-7-6
Download24Mb2016-09-05 JWJP Mona RobNM Stardust Just Not Cricket
Download26Mb2016-08-29 JWJP Pt 1 Adrieiuous
Download27Mb2016-08-29 JWJP Adrieiuous JoannaTheMedium
Download27Mb2016-08-22 JWJP Keith Daryl Lyran Contacts
Download27Mb2016-08-15 JWJP Dr Mz Sam Mugzzi
Download26Mb2016-07-26 JWJP RobNM
Download14Mb2016-07-18 JWJP Andrew Bartzis The Bigger Picture
Download27Mb2016-07-12 JWJP Arorah Sacred Sexuality And Arty Inty
Download27Mb2016-06-27 JWJP Tolec
Download27Mb2016-06-20 JWJP Nikki Brown Michael Daly
Download27Mb2016-06-13 JWJP Readings Defrags Christine Deb Matt Julie
Download26Mb2016-06-06 JWJP Elizabeth Joyce
Download27Mb2016-05-17 JWJP Dr Semir Osmanagich The Greatest Pyramid On Earth Show
Download27Mb2016-05-09 JWJP Pyramid Info With Mona Radler
Download27Mb2016-05-03 JWJP Max Steel Jay Hawaii Olive
Download23Mb2016-04-25 JWJP CrossingPoint
Download27Mb2016-04-18 JWJP Body Elemental Mona Wally
Download27Mb2016-04-12 JWJP Brandon Youngsd
Download28Mb2016-04-05 JWJP Walt Silva
Download28Mb2016-03-29 JWJP Debriel Arael Andronicus-Update
Download26Mb2016-03-22 JWJP James Bartley MIL-ABs Square Jawed Clones
Download26Mb2016-03-13 JWJP JP Sears Humour In Spirituality
Download27Mb2016-03-08 JWJP SJ WildFeather Stardustman
Download27Mb2016-02-29 JWJP SJ Judy More Than Weather
Download27Mb2016-02-22 JWJP Nung RobNM Debriel Paul Wally
Download27Mb2016-02-08 JWJP Dan Macbolen Karen-Ann-Macdonald Patti Brassard Saturns Rings Of War
Download27Mb2016-02-01 JWJP Rob Harry Brown Dwarf
Download27Mb2016-01-25 JWJP Debriel Reborn
Download27Mb2016-01-18 JWJP Mona radler 2-7-3
Download27Mb2016-01-04 JWJP CaptMaxSteel
Download25Mb2015-12-21 JWJP the history of evil
Download27Mb2015-12-14 JWJP Michelle Caruso Healing Leylines
Download13Mb2015-12-07 JWJP construct pt 3
Download24Mb2015-12-07 JWJP Lisa Melendez
Download26Mb2015-12-01 JWJP Hearing The Clarion Call
Download26Mb2015-11-23 JWJP Elizabeth Joyce War
Download26Mb2015-11-17 JWJP TJ Woodward Conscious Being Michelle Caruso
Download24Mb2015-11-10 JWJP KarenK Ray Reading Way Deep
Download26Mb2015-11-03 JWJP Krsanna Duran
Download23Mb2015-10-26 JWJP Readings 2-7-6 2-7-4 2-7-2
Download26Mb2015-10-20 JWJP Jessica Arael Marrocco Introduction To Andronicus
Download26Mb2015-10-12 JWJP Readings 2-7-6 2-7-2 2-6-4
Download26Mb2015-10-06 JWJP Sharry Edwards Lies Damn Lies and PR
Download26Mb2015-09-28 JWJP Elizabeth Joyce New Spiritual Chakras
Download26Mb2015-09-22 JWJP Darryl E Berry OOBE Realms
Download26Mb2015-09-14 JWJP Rebecca Jernigan New Journey
Download27Mb2015-08-17 JWJP Living Is Free Fuel Is Free
Download25Mb2015-08-10 JWJP Polarity Shift Real Men heal by Crying
Download27Mb2015-07-27 JWJP Journeying With Rebecca Jernigan
Download27Mb2015-07-13 JWJP Karen Christine Patrick AnomaLIES
Download26Mb2015-06-29 JWJP Lucy Thomas Systemic Constellation
Download11Mb2015-06-22 JWJP RT Energy
Download26Mb2015-06-15 JWJP Tolec Nancy Thomas DocWho GoodNews
Download26Mb2015-06-08 JWJP Nancy Mike Bell Ghosts
Download26Mb2015-05-25 JWJP Stephanie Banks
Download26Mb2015-05-18 JWJP Dan Willis Disclosure Whistleblower Vogel Crystals
Download24Mb2015-05-11 JWJP Nacy Walt RobNM Think About Ink
Download25Mb2015-05-04 JWJP Michael JS Carter Contact In The Chapel
Download26Mb2015-04-27 JWJP Google Linkup DaveK Richelle Eli Jairo
Download27Mb2015-04-20 JWJP Tony Minervino
Download27Mb2015-04-13 JWJP Shungite Powder Party
Download27Mb2015-04-06 JWJP Monty 1-2-3 Windwoman 1-2-4 Rob NM
Download25Mb2015-03-31 JWJP Jill Mattson
Download27Mb2015-03-23 JWJP NoTony Nancy Last Pluto Sq
Download27Mb2015-03-16 JWJP Lance White Zany Mystic
Download25Mb2015-03-09 JWJP Rachel Ledbetter Laura Eisenhower
Download20Mb2015-03-02 JWJP PhilipKDick Speech Justin
Download26Mb2015-02-23 JWJP Jean Rockefeller Jack The Watcher
Download27Mb2015-02-16 JWJP Mars Transit Sun
Download27Mb2015-02-09 JWJP Kranulism And The Rays
Download27Mb2015-02-03 JWJP Katie Gallanti Three Cards SuperBowl Ritual
Download27Mb2015-01-26 JWJP Nancy New Spear of Destiny News
Download20Mb2015-01-19 JWJP Late Again
Download26Mb2015-01-12 JWJP Galactic Wave Hello.
Download27Mb2015-01-05 JWJP Readings 2-6-7 2-7-3 1-2-7 1-2-3 1-2-4 2-6-2
Download26Mb2014-12-29 JWJP Elizabeth Joyce Predictions 2015
Download26Mb2014-12-22 JWJP Frank Jordan
Download27Mb2014-12-15 JWJP Noreen Breezy Nancy
Download26Mb2014-12-08 JWJP Elizabeth Joyce Astrology Karma Questions
Download26Mb2014-12-01 JWJP Nancy Spiral Cone Solar System
Download28Mb2014-11-25 JWJP Tracey Kennedy The Gap
Download26Mb2014-11-17 JWJP The Rays Dowsing 2-6-4 Reading
Download27Mb2014-11-10 JWJP Angel Readings Michelle Caruso Colleen Kelly
Download27Mb2014-11-03 JWJP William Stillings Not So Bad
Download27Mb2014-10-27 JWJP Nancy Vosto Destructive Power Of Self-Doubt
Download29Mb2014-10-13 JWJP Telepathy Lessons Ray Readings
Download26Mb2014-10-06 JWJP Nancy Walt Gold Price Mercury
Download27Mb2014-09-29 JWJP Mitali Bannerji Grief Counselling Dolly Jude
Download26Mb2014-09-22 JWJP Helena Phoenix Disney Programming
Download27Mb2014-09-14 JWJP Nancy Walt Consciousness measurements
Download26Mb2014-09-08 JWJP Sharry Edwards Are You Ready For This
Download27Mb2014-09-01 JWJP Nancy Walt Silva Tools Of Shungite 2
Download27Mb2014-08-25 JWJP Externalisation Ritual Katie Gallanti
Download27Mb2014-08-18 JWJP Stewart Swerdlow Global Adventures
Download27Mb2014-08-11 JWJP Nancy Interviews JayPee
Download27Mb2014-08-04 JWJP Dave Patrick Convergence
Download26Mb2014-07-28 JWJP Stillings Warning TwoDog SJ
Download27Mb2014-07-21 JWJP Veronica Keen Colleen K Rich
Download29Mb2014-07-14 JWJP Part2 Larry Jacker Natural-Tweaked-Frequency-Ratio
Download27Mb2014-07-14 JWJP Part1 Larry Jacker Natural-Tweaked-Frequency-Ratio
Download26Mb2014-07-07 JWJP Steven D Kelley
Download26Mb2014-06-30 JWJP Paedophiles Politicians Predatory Celebrities
Download26Mb2014-06-23 JWJP Tinfoil Wingman Cat Synchronicity Hum Resonance
Download26Mb2014-06-16 JwJP Guest Tracey-Kennedy Riding-the-Great-Cycles
Download26Mb2014-06-09 JWJP Michelle Caruso William Stillings
Download27Mb2014-06-02 JWJP Patrick Brown William Stillings Pilgrimpower
Download27Mb2014-05-26 JWJP William Stillings fukushima Warning
Download26Mb2014-05-19 JwJP What-are-Rays
Download26Mb2014-05-12 JwJP Guest SDM Cobra and The-Gray-Pope
Download27Mb2014-05-05 JWJP Nancy Hopkins Shungite for the People
Download27Mb2014-04-28 JWJP NancyHopkins Shungite Solutions
Download26Mb2014-04-21 JwJP Patrick-Pope Unconditional-Love
Download27Mb2014-04-14 JwJP Mona-Radler Simon-Hyde Wally Crossing-The-Great-Divide
Download27Mb2014-04-07 JWJP guest Terral The-Black-Sun is Incoming
Download27Mb2014-03-31 JwJP Guest Rebecca-Jernigan Down-The-Darkest-Corridors
Download27Mb2014-03-24 JwJP guest Thomas-Hughes
Download27Mb2014-03-17 JwJP guest Nancy-Wally Build-Your-Pyramid
Download27Mb2014-03-03 JWJP Readings 276 Nancy TraceyK
Download27Mb2014-02-24 JwJP Ray-meanings-and-readings
Download27Mb2014-02-17 JwJP Ray-Readings Michelle-125 Wally-272
Download27Mb2014-02-10 JwJP with Donna-Spratt Organite-and-Crystals
Download27Mb2014-02-03 JWJP Thomas Hughes Journeys End
Download27Mb2014-01-27 JWJP Nancy Hopkins Golden Ratio
Download27Mb2014-01-20 JwJP Guest Sean-David-Morton
Download27Mb2014-01-13 JwJP Jill-Matson Ancient-Frequency-Knowledge
Download27Mb2014-01-06 JwJP Guest Sharry-Edwards The Next Octave
Download28Mb2013-12-30 JWJP Nancy Hopkins Healing The Philadelhia Tear
Download27Mb2013-12-23 JwjP with Jac Core-Dump-Implanted-Crystals
Download26Mb2013-12-16 JwjP with Niara-Terela Isley Her-Awakening
Download27Mb2013-12-16 JWJP Niara Terela Isley
Download24Mb2013-12-09 JWJP with Michelle-Hrlec The-Quiet-Revolution
Download27Mb2013-12-02 JwJP Katerina-Edwards Self-Empowerment
Download26Mb2013-11-25 JWJP The-Journey-of-Osiris-to-Wholeness
Download26Mb2013-11-18 JwJP JayP with DaveCorso Disinformation-is-Lies
Download26Mb2013-11-11 JwJP JayP Readings-and-other-information
Download28Mb2013-11-11 JWJP TonyPazchek Jac Con
Download29Mb2013-11-11 JWJP JacCon
Download27Mb2013-11-04 JwJP JayP with Thomas-Hughes-and-WingMan Galactic-Consciousness
Download26Mb2013-10-28 JwJP Guest Tracey-Kennedy The-Inner-Voice
Download26Mb2013-10-21 JwJP Guest-Nancy-Hopkins Spear-of-Destiny
Download28Mb2013-10-15 JWJP Dave Kelso Katerina Edwards VK Durham Paradigm Shift
Download25Mb2013-10-07 JwJP Guests-Dave-Kelso-and-Jay-Larson
Download26Mb2013-09-30 JwJP Guest Christie-Czajkowski
Download27Mb2013-09-23 JWJP Tracey Kennedy Irritation Personal and Planetary
Download27Mb2013-09-16 JwJP Ray-Readings
Download26Mb2013-09-09 JwJP Jay-Larson Scalar-Energy and Karen-Quinn-Tostda Universal-Strike
Download27Mb2013-09-02 JwJP Guest-Tobias Beharrel-Kitsune Djinnu Anunaki
Download26Mb2013-08-26 JwJP Guest-Jay-Larson More Scalar-Devices-Information
Download27Mb2013-08-19 JWJP Dave Kelso TimeWarrior ParadigmShift
Download27Mb2013-08-12 JWJP WilliamStillings TraceyKennedy
Download26Mb2013-08-09 JWR Host-JayP with Jay-Larson Peace-with-Scalar-Energy
Download28Mb2013-08-05 JwJP Working Out with Diana fraser
Download26Mb2013-07-22 JwJP RayReadings 7-6 7-4 7-2
Download13Mb2013-07-22 JwJP Hour2 Ray-Readings
Download26Mb2013-07-15 JwJP Guest-Ms-7 Mystical7 7-7-Bombings Starseed
Download24Mb2013-07-08 JwJP Rebecca-Jernigan Journey-to-Egypt
Download23Mb2013-07-01 JWJP GordonJamesGianninoto Part6
Download15Mb2013-06-24 JwJP Guest-Gordon-Gianninoto-Part3
Download26Mb2013-06-24 JwJP Guest-Gordon-Gianninoto-Part2
Download26Mb2013-06-17 JWJP RR Eva Moore-topic-Holographic-Fractal-Archetypes
Download24Mb2013-06-10 JwJP More-New-Electrics-in-Deeper Featuring-Tracey-Kennedy
Download26Mb2013-06-03 JWJP Host-JeremyPerron with-ThomasHughes Sasquatch-Primer
Download27Mb2013-05-27 JWJP William Stillings GMO Cucumbers
Download26Mb2013-05-20 JwJP with Tracey Kennedy topic STUFF
Download26Mb2013-05-13 JWJP with-Tom-amadpainter-and-Hans-Topic-Feelings
Download26Mb2013-05-06 JWJP tonyPaschek 5thraysacral
Download13Mb2013-04-30 JWJP with-Ellishka-and-SJ
Download13Mb2013-04-23 JwJP Guest KarenQT
Download13Mb2013-04-16 JWJP MagneticBubble
Download12Mb2013-04-09 JwJp SJ Topic-Pip-training-humans
Download22Mb2013-04-02 JWJP AlignmentInvocation
Download13Mb2013-03-19 JwJP RR Host JayP Readings
Download13Mb2013-03-12 JwJP Guest Andrew-Bartzis Topic-Ray-reading-information
Download13Mb2013-03-05 JwJP Guest EvaMoore Topic Holodynamic-Fracal Universe
Download13Mb2013-02-26 JWJP Guest DavePatrick Topic Conan-Doyle-to-the-Cathers
Download13Mb2013-02-19 JWJP Host JayP
Download13Mb2013-02-12 JwJP Readings
Download13Mb2013-02-05 JwJP Guests SJ and AndrewBartzis Topic Real Ghost Stories
Download12Mb2013-01-29 JWJP JayP Readings
Download20Mb2013-01-22 JWJP TwoDog IdleNoMorem
Download13Mb2013-01-01 JwJP NewYearsDayShow
Download27Mb2012-11-27 JWJP DaleBenadum
Download14Mb2012-11-13 JWJP Tracey-Kennedy Eclipse
Download17Mb2012-11-06 JWJP DavePatrick-TheCatharViewm
Download28Mb2012-10-30 JWJP Ra Worfpoe Faul
Download14Mb2012-10-16 JWJP Robert Rajnak
Download15Mb2012-09-25 JWJP Twodog
Download14Mb2012-09-18 JWJP RR-JayP-with-Tracey-Kennedy
Download12Mb2012-09-11-JWJP RR-JayP-and-Twodog1
Download14Mb2012-08-28 JWJP Tracey Moon
Download27Mb2012-08-07 JWJP RebeccaJernigan
Download14Mb2012-07-31 JWJP Orgone Quatro
Download14Mb2012-07-24 JWJP CharlesTwodog
Download13Mb2012-07-10-JWJP JayP-and-TraceyK
Download13Mb2012-07-03 JWJP and-Ellishka
Download14Mb2012-06-26 JWJP Jac523
Download13Mb2012-06-05 JWJP Tracey-Kennedy
Download28Mb2012-05-22 JWR RR JP MarkKimmel