2016-10-28 So a ‘reality’ is a form of hologram?

so a ‘reality’ is a form of hologram? I still don’t quite get this
there is a holographic projection that is overlayed into your brains. There is a real reality underlying this which is organic templates from source which are interfered with by the false reality hologram imposed by the archons. It will begin breaking down in a major way very soon in your terms, it is designed to, it is designed to shock everyone by its collapse. You are here to help cushion the shock. Much like the spaceships in your vicinity. There will be a passing soon. Many people will pass to the other worlds, this is a combing through that will pull the knots out of the timelines for ever and you are here to be a mainstay of love and harmony on the planet. Yes even you can hold sufficient harmony to help an area’s integity remain.