2016-03-29 Important News

Is there anything important?
yes there is a dwarf star passing as we speak. It is slowing to let us go past. This has been achieved with gravitic technology. As used by the ancients, it takes treaties to achieve this, so we have indeed been recognised in our special way.

I want to thank you all for keeping the faith until now, it has been a long journey.

So is it over soon?
yes and yes you will be able to find a place you can call home. Wherever you want in the megaverse.

K so can I hang about here for a while?
You will not be the first to leave. Much work between now and then. But at least you will not be chased down

so are the nazis being dealt with? I cant feel safe yet
you will see signs of their breaking down in the field of communications. There will be failures that will give the sign to you.