2009-09-16 The Seven

I’m sometimes mistrustful to you sometimes irreverent, I don’t know who you are.
This does not matter to us as we really know who we are and really really know who you are. You are us in another time zone, except instead of time in rotations of days these are times as rotations of lifetimes. There are oscillations in every sphere of life and they all correspond and vibrate in similar fashion, in the seven notes.

Oh yes I wanted to ask you about the seven. Why seven?
In your universe the vibration that has produced the most effect is the second ray. It is deep and true, and within its context is the vibration of seven, it is resonant within the form which you call truth and is in perfect orderly structure and equal balanced edges of three. Thus the four is extended from the two and the seven is the balance of the two and the three in that fashion.
Your understanding of its development and its subsequent manifestation will give you much insight into the nature of why love is the glue and the compound underlying a lot of your universe and how it can become healed after application of the energies of the two and the seven. You know how this may come about and the purpose you have is to connect with the people you know and you will tell the right person at the right time, the right information to pique that person’s curiosity and send them forth in a particular direction. This is not yet. But you must find a way through your situation. It will come by looking truthfully at what is causing you grief. There will be much wisdom in finding your own truth.

Do not be misled by others into your private hell. Your future has yet to be uncovered. You are part of the new plan and there is a part for everyone. You may well find yourself at a vanguard of something. You have an innate knowledge that will become useful and eventually very lucrative. This is not to be revealed until it is drawn from you in service. There is much joy ahead of you.

2009-01-01 A Year to Remember

There are things that will make this year one to remember but may not be the best of memories. On a personal level you will be fine and so will your family. There are many other people who will be unable to even stay alive this year because of the changes

Remember you were looking forward to being poor; that’s because it will be the new way. Many others will be looking to you to help with the disaster because of your specific experience, believe it or not.

There are many who are saying this will happen, that will happen. They are all correct to a degree but the scale may not be as large as they are envisioning. There will be an event soon, which will shock and dismay the world but you will be prepared and the shock will not be so great. There are plans that are unfolding for the dark side to carry out but as I have told you before the seeds for their destruction are carried within the mechanism for this plan to carry out. There will be no danger to you and yours but there is a large event coming soon which will take the world by surprise. Your best position is one of calmness. You are assured and you can assure the people around you that there will be no danger to them if they too stay calm. There is a lot to take on with this event but your help will be invaluable to those who can hear.

What about my family in London?
There is danger there but there will be ample time for them to keep out of harms way. There is a reckoning that will render London a danger zone for a few weeks. There will be time for some to leave but they must be prepared.

What does that mean? Poison? Biowarfare?
I cannot give you this information because there are several scenarios waiting to unfold. There may be a tiny version of something much larger, but as I said the larger picture will unfold the dark side with a great amount of speed, but there may be damage that may fall out to others.

Is there going to be a 911 event in London?
That is what we are saying. It is not certain which scenario may unfold, as there are warring factions and they may try to sabotage each other. There may be a very small version, as the great danger will have been averted. There are events avoided on a regular basis. The greatest danger comes from the special forces and clone armies. The problem with the clone armies is that they have a short life and they are unable to deal with certain agents in the atmosphere. The problem will fizzle out so to speak but there will be a short period of chaos and potential conflict. This is one of the reasons you left the south.

Will their appearance of one of these scenarios preclude others?
Yes there is a path through which will entail the least destruction but there will need to be a playing out of these scenarios.

Do I need to warn anyone?
You can recommend that people have the ability to get out of town as quickly as possible, keep a full tank, some cash in hand, stored food etc. do not make it too scary, but make it clear that they need to be on alert. “

2010-01-09 – New World Order

So will there be a New World order in place or will there be something that would stop it, am I connected with it?
You have your part to play which is not on a front line. This is not necessary as you have a role in disseminating information. We will cause a build of a connected network. You will see.

But what about the New World order?
There will be a very short period where they think they will be supreme. This will not last and it will not be global or even local to you. This is why we say not to panic. This will mostly pass you by. Some people you know distantly will be affected however we need to tell you that there will be little repercussion on your daily life. You will continue to serve where you are and you will be a wealthy member of society one day, though you may not believe that at this time.

Not really, but it would be nice to be respected. I don’t want to be wealthy where there are poor though
You will see that will not happen at all. Once there are new ruling bodies in place, which will be as services and not government, you will be part of the antipoverty program.

So what is the first step then?
You will be led to connect with various people and using the Internet facilities at your disposal, you will create a useful broadcast network, dedicated to high quality information regarding practical expansion back into the New World, which will emerge in the next few years.