2010-10-18: Landings in the Mainstream News

Will there be much in the way of mainstream news when the real landings will occur?
There will be three main announcement events at various places in the world. They will represent the subsequent divisions in your world, and then they will begin to educate. This being said, there are some legal and diplomatic things that need to be tied up first, and that may take a short while.

What about world war 3 then?
There will be no such thing and this will be much discouraged. Many troops will start to be sent home, as they would be of more use in their own countries. A skeleton of overseas military will be used by each country to deal with emergencies but in general, military forces will be ordered to general stand down.

What about America, will there be collapse?
Indeed there will be a collapse but we will see to it that a great deal of the people will find shelter and heat and create a new community-rich culture, as they will realise the ways of the many red nations in the country. Indeed as you have noticed. Many Americans of today are reincarnated first nations
There will be a revival of the understanding of their religions and belief systems which will be found to be appropriate for the land they were in.

So I should do Ever Beyond?
Oh yes Jeremy this is the beginning of the positive timeline for you. Remember we spoke about you being a writer broadcaster and composer, well look at you just now…

And so that ties in with Suns of Arqa?
Indeed they are there to help in your message being passed out.

Is it the multimedia part of it then?
It is more the community aspect indeed. You know about the Rays and you know how you can consciously create a group with a purpose. You understand projects. You understand group dynamics. You work well with women. You have many skills which will make this work for everyone.
Ok so when do we see the defeat of the cabal?
It will not take very long now that the meme has been planted into the minds of humanity. To release everyone from the burden of an artificial slavery system, will offer humanity its greatest gift: Time. You are one of the first to understand this and this will be your key. Time is the key and frequency is time coded

Ok so what is Time Coding?
What they mean is that you are responsible for operating the “machine” that places your soul partners in different points in the timeline, in order to refine the flow from one timeline to the other. It is a rather arduous and painstaking task, but it has been a complete success and is now playing itself out. You will see things appear in a particular order, but in the other timeline, they appeared in a different order. Confidence waned people gave up hope and the world ended in darkness. This timeline has no such problems, the timeline has been repaired and we are very happy for everyone. The rifts in timespace will gradually heal over and once the abundance is a reality, then you will see a meeting of minds that has never been seen before in this galaxy.

So I will be able to remember my past life memories?
Thus it will be done. You will see. Very soon.

And after that I will be able to remember any of my lifetimes?
Something like that but you may need a trigger, a vibration. You understand.

You will also remember other people and how they fit in the spiral matrix of lifetimes you have worked together


2015-05-26: Good Cheer

if you were to see things from our perspective you would see energy flows, much as you see distant galaxies as whole single things.

it is with good cheer we greet you for much of the hardship on your planet of residence is almost over.

I know you guys always say that but time is so slow down here it still feels interminable
we can understand but as you say we don’t know what it is like down there

if you were to see things from our perspective you would see energy flows, much as you see distant galaxies as whole single things.

So, what is news? I feel like there is a lot going on inside and outside of me
yes you may be aware of many movements within the powers that be. They knew their time was up and it is the end of their world, but they didn’t realise it as only their world. The world you are creating will just keep going..