2010-12-16 Nazis and Economic War

There is a lot happening above your heads. There is a war going on and no-one is aware of it happening. There is indeed an economic war going on between china and the central bankers that will end soon enough in a devastating blow to the western status quo. You may suspect something of that nature. Since we last spoke there have been communications in the treaty-making classes of the various factions that are fighting over your control. They still are not aware fully of what a paradigm they have trapped themselves into all these millennia, they could have evolved themselves, but that was their way. Now they have all of their children with them and it is going to be a jolly ride for the next 3600 years.

So is there a parallel between now and 1938?
Yes there is and you have hit the nail on the head. However now you know what is to come and you can warn people. One at a time. You realised it tonight. Will people listen?

Who can defeat the Nazis?
We have many means available to us but the boil has to come to the surface to be lanced. It is long time coming. Once they are out in the open the reverse of their glorious plan will manifest. They will be turned on. The humans will do it. They will wake up. With a little help from us of course. There are many of us among you. You are one of them. There is a kind of glamour in the starseed concept. It is more like an undercover sleeper agent. There is much to be done and quietly. One day it will arise in unison. There will be that day soon.
There is a movement building that will cleanse the world of all the evil that has existed on it in the last fifty thousand years. Once it has been wiped. There will be a vacuum. There is a role that you will fill and it will not tax you too much but you will be consulted by those who will take responsibility for new forms of trading, until the point when trading becomes unnecessary. However we realise that a lot of you like trading, so we may be in favour of new forms of existence and beingness. The trader can be an archetype that can exist within the multiverses. In a way the trader balances the forces. This is an important lesson for many star nations who do not know how to balance but keep attesting to one form of beingness, avoiding and denying their other forms. This can build up over limitless time into an almost tangible form of karmic episode where the force is rebalanced. We realise now that it may be possible to trade in a way that both parties are edified by the metering of the karma through trading.

2005-12-01 Unfolding

So [your existence is]  a combination of the ideas of the shape-shifting Founders in Deep Space 9, and the Kosh in Babylon 5
Yes, nine to five indeed. How you may picture us is make a fist in your left hand and see how the fingers spiral back from the fingertips. Each fold is like an unfolding from one inner dimension to the next. There is much space, but the angle is tight. This provides the dimensional shift and you drift down through angles until you get to reality as you may know it now.
It spirals out until it gets to the end of the hand, then onto the elbow, finally reaching the shoulder once there it expands up down and front and back to create the body.
Here is how you created god.

If you visualise a tree pushing into the air, then feel that as a regular pulsing, through the years, we push energy as much as we can given the cycles.
This makes everything become more conscious and grow. You humans can speed this process up by making harmonious sounds on the planet.

2009-08-03 Nibiru and Wormwood

So what about Nibiru and wormwood and all those planetary things?

Nibiru is approaching, you will see a lot of destruction around
you but you will be unharmed, for whatever reason you will be
close enough to see it with your eyes, but you will be close but
not too close. Your energies will be required to rebuild the
situation afterwards, but the powers that be will not be joining
in this venture. Due to their negative orientation, they will be
presented with simple choices, but many many of them will take the
wrong choice that leads to their destruction.
There will be so much grief that you will not know how you can
cope with all the grieving people but somehow you will find the
strength to help and save them. This is an episode in your life
when you will be thankful for many of the experiences you have had
and particularly when building pyramid forms. We do not wish to
pre judge your efforts but you need to stay calm during the next
few years.

And what about discussing it?
You are able to focus any teachings you give to the person at
hand. You will give appropriate information to people without
causing too much alarm.
Will a lot of people around us die?
Yes and this will start quite soon in your terms. At first there
will be mystery surrounding it, but the energy will soon start to
pick up and people will yes, disappear. There will be a lot of
empty property soon enough and there will be no-one to take up the
ownership/stewardship. You will be not unlike a modern day robin
hood, finding homes for the refugees and refuseniks.

2002-09-24 So Here I Am

So Here I Am,
I’m the one just the one you’ve been waiting for

Breathe in the air around me

Feel me in your heart

Dissolve in to this vortex which is my soul

Feel the walls dissolve between us

As we spin towards the arc of light which is the Way

Carried aloud beyond imagination at break neck speed as the scenes change to unseen colours sheltered sounds of inner crystals aroma disperse and refresh every tenth of a nanosecond. Being the Brilliance as we plunge toward the centre of it all Nirvana the Galaxy the Core the Source the Zenith the Trinity the Two the One the Tao.

As we reach the point of greatest tension the unseen forces unleash themselves on each other, without our knowledge they destroy each other in our loving wake.

In this new beginning there are new ways that cannot be written, but notated yea, verily.

For it is of the order of sound of colour of light of geometric form. The Living Buddha, the source of all things is alive on this very planet we live on, in these times that we live in, even these very weekdays.

We have to understand that the concrete way is the way of responding to the present by way of past precedents. The higher way is the way of responding creatively in every moment, thus creating new precedents. Sufficient numbers of people doing this has already decrystallised much of this work already. The concrete way is the way of much of the world that we have grown up in. This will soon no longer be the case.

The left hand path is the one concerned with self and the personality and has done many heinous things to feed its hunger. This is also based in concrete reality. Thus to affect one we can affect the other and cause a leverage to shift these crystallised patterns.
So responding creatively and (this time around), harmlessly to any given situation will enable a peaceful wake behind you. This will open up creativity for others. The world based on the crystallised concrete reality will fade away, and eventually crumble to ash.
The “mind-stuff” of the Buddhic plane is known as Chitta, and the Buddhists call the quality that Christians call “soul” as BodhiChitta. Thus our soul is made of the highest form of intelligence: compassion.
In that space is where we meet. Stay with compassion. Avoid belligerence. Love is everywhere. It is like the zero point vacuum energy. Between every atom is a vast amount of Love, drawing everything together. 7 is the key. The only way in to God’s plan. Beyond the 7 there may be linear expectations, but within the soul of every living being is the knowledge of the reality of the 7 rays.
And within that the revelation of the simplicity of the complexity of nature, recreating itself in ever increasing spirals, until we get to galaxies and stars and planets and tides and fish and atoms and energy once more in vibration and all in the ratio of harmonies and all related to each other in subtle inner ways.
I’ll either get on your nerves or make you feel a lot less alone.

You make me feel a lot less alone. Even when you’re not here.
Don’t worry about a thing. Ever again. This is a new day, a new place. This planet of ours. We can breathe life into the ashes. For that is what we all are when the water leaves us. We can take mountains of ashes and fill tyres and make them into homes.

Thine is the colour of the night. But it is indigo, not black. The deepest blue, sometimes indistinguishable by the eye from black. The colour of the Heart Centre in its ray form.”

2008-08-24 war

Are we about to enter a war?
Unfortunately the efforts of the white brotherhood were insufficient to turn this around. There will be a conflict between many countries, there will be a lot of destruction, but nuclear will not be an option. There is too much inner influence. On the other hand there will be a lot of fighting and many will die. This is a massive cleansing and purging. Many will connect with their karma and be gone from this world for a long time. There will be a period of restoration, which you will be a part of, and you will see a happy and free world after this. The current dark lodge agenda will play out, but not in the way it was intended, it will implode and all will see the folly of their ways.

2009-01-03 First Contact

So are we waiting for first contact? Will it come soon?
It will come soon enough. There are things that must be fulfilled before first contact can happen and it will happen in the right order.

There is a cosmic law which does not allow first contact until the time is right for a certain percentage of the worlds population, you must ask for it in other words.

Right now it is nearly there at the critical mass, this will fulfil very soon and you will see the skies full of craft that will be unmistakably non-terrestrial. There will be no doubt by the people and there will be sighs in the corridors of power as this is not what they have wanted.

No-one will be hurt by this event but there will be self-destructive elements in the dark cabal who wish to destroy you. There will be a struggle to neutralise these beings but there will be no turning back.