2010-07-26 Many Changes

there is much to communicate today as there have been many changes on both sides,

Yes I see that there are demons being uncovered as we speak
Yes that is correct. The side that has been holding down the truth is finally splitting and beginning to disintegrate. Many of their minions will now be arrested and the good souls who have been waiting patiently are now ready to step into their rightful places. A day of joy and celebration indeed is at hand. There will be much confusion on many people’s parts but you will know the truth. There is victory in heaven today!

Wow that is exceedingly good news
Yes and not only that but the reign of the being you call the Christ is beginning as we speak. Ceremonies all over the world are being prepared and the feasts are being prepared too.

So does that mean we are about to enter a period of prosperity?
Yes indeed that is exactly the meaning. The world is going to require a lot of cleaning up and you will be watching it unfold on your computer screen, as we have prophesied to you and that you have spoken to those you know will listen. There will be parties all over the earth. You understand that not everyone will be happy about it but that is not your problem,. There is much work ahead of you to manifest your dreams but for now you may rest easily.

Wow this is very good news. Will this come to the fore in the mainstream news?
There will be at first a tiny leak, a trickle, and then a torrent and then the dam will burst and the truth will all be out. There will be many whistle blowers who will finally feel safe enough to release their part of the great puzzle which has plagued your race for millennia. There will be celebration in heaven, but once the Christ is in place. The job is still not complete but the main sources of untruth and distortion have recently been eliminated. You will see this happen in the next week or two that more of this information is leaking out.

Wow so once the arrests , then prosperity then Contact
Yes the prosperity programs which have been the subject of much toing and froing in the recent years and months are finally all ready to be delivered. Your family will prosper, your son will look forward to a creative and productive and inventive life, and your daughter will experience great accolades as the truths that she will put forth in the films will be a testament to the truths that you uphold yourself. Do not be afeared of that.

2010-11-02 Massive Change

You are on the verge of a massive change that is about to overtake the planet. Once this has started, there will be a rapid change to the beginning of the new paradigm. People will not know at first but you will know immediately. At this point all you need to do is to imagine the new world as it will be. There it will coalesce into the new reality. You are about to dream the future into being. The future will become the now and every time you can do that you bring the future forward.

2013-07-07 Planet X

So what about Planet X? will it tip the planet. Whats the story guys?
You have to understand that not everything happens at the same time, usually. But now, everything is happening at the same time. All the cycles are converging and that means that there is no certainty in this instance. Many people (um… beings) have wagered on it but there is no certainty. You are taking a ride on the back of a great being who is evolving. It hasn’t happened before. Keep visioning your future. Enjoy yourself.

2006-01-14 cataclysm

So were the cataclysms that traumatised the world also the initiations that we have taken?

You have some of the picture there. There is no mention of the Egyptian civilisations in the Hebrew but there are large pieces missing of the relationship between the Egyptian and Israelite, the Jacob clan. They were the artists, masons and temple builders descended from ancient Atlantean stock. The black hair you know.

2009-09-22 Magnetic Shield

There is a large shift occurring in the galactic phase of the solar system. We are providing cover for the earth in the form of a magnetic shield. It is currently not visible to your scientists, but three people will make a simultaneous discovery of it in due course. Noone is looking for it so noone will see it. There is plenty of protection this shield will give you and there will be much less damage from the coming solar activity than would have been without it.

Now since there is this shield, there may be a reduced amount of sunlight carried across too, so vitamin D supplements will be necessary. Thankfully there is a plentiful supply where you are going.

Once the shield is placed there will be some kind of outcry from your governments and they will try to dismantle it. Those are the governments who are hostile to us and since they are of the Annunaki and their minions who are soon to be replaced, this will be but hot air. Nothing will come of it, but their fearmongering machinations will carry on until the last days of their cabal.

2005-02-10 Etheric

What is the nature of etheric energy and how can we detect it?
It is a very fine grain light that exists in high frequency domains. The light is magnetoelectric and is the power and the love force at the same time. There are three etheric forms: electric radiant and friction,
Know the correspondence and understand the M.O. of the universe.

2010-07-10 Dark Force Leaving

“Ok so what’s is going on?
There is a very important meeting going on just now between representatives of major races both within, on the surface and off of your world. There will be a wonderful outcome. The dark forces, which have held your people in thrall for millennia, will be taken off the world. They have run out of time and it is the moment when we will act. There will be removal of all their representatives by your own people, aided and assisted by many who have been helping your world in a subtle or secret way. There will be a release of truth for you all and it will start very close to you, this will be a moment that you will remember for your entire life.

Wow that sounds cool
There is a lot of re-negotiation on this matter, which will need to be made. There will in fact be a power vacuum that will be filled with more appropriate people who are not compromised and have heart centres active. This indeed is the time of the saints. You will be witness to this and you will be recognised for your insight and for your determination to witness this process through to the end.”

2012-05-22 New Journey

You are embarking on a new journey, one that has not been trodden before. There are so many new things to discover. You will redefine the meaning of many things and they will become plain for us all. There is a re-education program and you are part of it. Not alone. Many helpers. You will see. It is a wonderful thing. You are at the centre of it. Do not be afraid, you cannot lose, it already exists in the future.

2001-10-01 Message from my Future Self

Back in 2001, I was doodling around, and I wondered what would be a message from my future self to my today person. this is what I received:

“Hi, this is your future self talking.
I’m further down the path that you are walking.
If the place is a mess then it’s a mess tomorrow,
The money you have is the money you borrow.
It’s a privilege not a right you know.
And if you realise half of that you’re there.
Be kind to me and I’ll treat you right,
By not criticising you
And being proud of you.
That a constant stream of self-esteem
Pours down through time, you’ve been redeemed
Cos that’s where I am
Some crucial involvement in constant evolvement
Is all you should do.
Keep peeling off skins,
Of feelings, of sins,
You’re redeemed, its ok,
What you do, what you say
All the stuff’s gone away, now.
And what is left of skin and bone,
Is open doors, you’re left alone.
I’ll explain it all some time from now.
You’re getting ready all in good time.
Stay on the ground, Keep me in mind.