2017-01-23 Trumps Victory

So it is all over? Trumps victory is a sign of greater change?
As america goes, so does the world. We have helped to guide you into a better timeline. I know I was there when it happened. It did work out. You can relax. It all worked out perfectly. And you .. Me..

Ok so what about Donald Trump and the Dakota Pipeline and the Indians?
He will get around to looking personally into this. It will be flagged as important for global unity and thus he will concess. It may take negotiation, but as you know, he loves a good deal. He will bring parties together and make a best deal.

So we have a global unity?
It is building as we connect. The more unity you have in your own beingness, then obviously that holds the pattern for global unity of the greater fractal beingness of humanity.

So will the military back down once the arrests are made and the republic is reinstated?
Yes trump will be the head of a corporation, it will hand over to a different model of administration. Much of the federal reserve mindset will go away as freedom creeps across the earth day by day …

What about the nazis and their false flag operations
More and more people will see it for what it is, as we have destroyed the tramsitters of their interference. There are many all over the planet and also on the moon which have been inaccessible to humans before. We of course were able to break the back of it in 2017. Mopping up more as the years progressed. It takes a while to achieve global peace, but it starts in 2017.

Wow that’s a great relief I didn’t think it could get worse
There are sporadic outbreaks. But nothing like what they wanted to happen. The tide has turned and is receding.

2009-09-07 A Marvellous Event

We are waiting for a marvellous event to happen very very soon in your terms.

Hello, I’ve been feeling that there is something going to happen but you say marvellous? Is that a positive?
It is not so much of a positive as something that you would marvel at and thus the word is used in its correct context.

So something enormous will be happening soon, but will it be a false flag operation to make us all scared?
This is the intention, but the human race is awakened, and this is the time for it to say no to all the manipulation that it faces.

Will it be a more obvious thing than 9-11?
Yes indeed. The level of sophistication of thought is now such that all things put out by the government is automatically put into the “suspicious” box. Humans are indeed waking up and then the news media will be at the forefront of defending itself, as many lies will simultaneously surface to weaken their points further.

So they will really bungle this one then?
Yes indeed. You will clearly see cracks in the edges of their performance this time. The dollars weakened state will also affect the credibility of these events.

And how about the poor American people, will they be led to the slaughter, or will we all survive?
The Americans will suffer but there will be a denouement and that is the start of the civil war which will definitely harm the powers that be to such an extent that they may even leave America for their safe places earlier than they had planned. This then will lead on to a kind of pogrom, and they will be decimated by the general people. It will happen soon.



2011-03-29 Heartache

Hello, we can feel your heartache and that is important. It means your soul is awake and you can see and feel the suffering of your fellow humans. You have a particular karmic and lineage connection to the great nation of Japan, and it is in that that you will become initiated to become much more than that which you are just now. There is indeed a lot happening. You will be able to publish information to help the people of the world as they destroy the cabal that so long ago you failed to, not by your own merits but by the mistakes of others in your team and their leadership, that you may right the whole of the wrong done to the solar system and the galaxy.

Wow is it that important? What am I supposed to do then? It sounds like a task well beyond me.
You are where you are for a very important reason. The radiation cannot be seen or felt yet by the people of the world. But you do know what the names of the perpetrators are. They must be unveiled and revealed to the public in ways that you have abilities to maker a difference in. There is not a magical formula that you will need to remember, just a simple progression that will appear to be normal for you. There is a long road ahead but the end of the road is clarity, freedom and a release from the shackles that have bound this planet for millennia. There is little to tell you now as it will all unfold at a natural pace but you will know that what we have told you will come to pass and that the ones you have known will be vindicated and justified. Your task was as a scout. You will help keep the galaxy from the tyranny that would have manifested. You do not need to do anything, go anywhere, except if it pleases you. Your task is to see, and we see through your eyes and then we will know and you will see it come to pieces before your eyes. All in its naturral order of time.

So do I need to go out handing leaflets?
Not unless you feel strongly to. Your task, as we have said, is to learn, to learn as much as you can about the nature of the beast. Humans must understand that they are not the subjects of these beasts any longer, but they are still in their thrall, as they have had nothing else to compare it to. You on the other hand have had an inkling that something was wrong. It has been a feature of all of your incarnations… a certain tone. This has been no bad thing in the end, but it has meant that you have not had such an enjoyable time living here than most.
What about the comet? I had this vision… did I see what was to happen later this year?
You did indeed. There is no cause for alarm, as you will be protected wherever you are. Your soul is much too precious. We will also be able to perform an extraction at the final moments of your life, so you may finally return home. Your timeline will be reset and things will remain in their golden state. The sad part is, no-one will ever know. You may write a book about it perhaps, just so that there can be some kind of record..

So it will be stuck in some kind of temporal loop, but not a main timeline?
The idea of timelines is as you know a little more complex than simple thread-like strands or streams of timestuff but in essence there will remain a backwater where your present existence will remain. It is a rich seam of experience for many travellers, students and tourists, but in the end it will wither away and become like a museum piece that is simply some kind of curiosity. Its relegation to that phase or state will indeed be due to your team of hundreds of thousands of others all receiving the impulse.

2010-12-16 Nazis and Economic War

There is a lot happening above your heads. There is a war going on and no-one is aware of it happening. There is indeed an economic war going on between china and the central bankers that will end soon enough in a devastating blow to the western status quo. You may suspect something of that nature. Since we last spoke there have been communications in the treaty-making classes of the various factions that are fighting over your control. They still are not aware fully of what a paradigm they have trapped themselves into all these millennia, they could have evolved themselves, but that was their way. Now they have all of their children with them and it is going to be a jolly ride for the next 3600 years.

So is there a parallel between now and 1938?
Yes there is and you have hit the nail on the head. However now you know what is to come and you can warn people. One at a time. You realised it tonight. Will people listen?

Who can defeat the Nazis?
We have many means available to us but the boil has to come to the surface to be lanced. It is long time coming. Once they are out in the open the reverse of their glorious plan will manifest. They will be turned on. The humans will do it. They will wake up. With a little help from us of course. There are many of us among you. You are one of them. There is a kind of glamour in the starseed concept. It is more like an undercover sleeper agent. There is much to be done and quietly. One day it will arise in unison. There will be that day soon.
There is a movement building that will cleanse the world of all the evil that has existed on it in the last fifty thousand years. Once it has been wiped. There will be a vacuum. There is a role that you will fill and it will not tax you too much but you will be consulted by those who will take responsibility for new forms of trading, until the point when trading becomes unnecessary. However we realise that a lot of you like trading, so we may be in favour of new forms of existence and beingness. The trader can be an archetype that can exist within the multiverses. In a way the trader balances the forces. This is an important lesson for many star nations who do not know how to balance but keep attesting to one form of beingness, avoiding and denying their other forms. This can build up over limitless time into an almost tangible form of karmic episode where the force is rebalanced. We realise now that it may be possible to trade in a way that both parties are edified by the metering of the karma through trading.

2006-01-14 cataclysm

So were the cataclysms that traumatised the world also the initiations that we have taken?

You have some of the picture there. There is no mention of the Egyptian civilisations in the Hebrew but there are large pieces missing of the relationship between the Egyptian and Israelite, the Jacob clan. They were the artists, masons and temple builders descended from ancient Atlantean stock. The black hair you know.